Dylan at Giffoni.
Sterek is the way.

Yeah, you can say you hate malia because of the writing and that you're not a misogynist all you want. Doesn't make it true.



Yes, actually, it does.

These ‘if you don’t like Malia you’re a misogynist” statements are such bullshit. I don’t like Malia because she’s an underwritten, underdeveloped character and I am sick and tired of female characters who are given shitty development and characterization and whose potential are wasted because their story arcs revolve entirely around men. I don’t like the writing for Malia because it places yet another troubled woman in a relationship she shouldn’t be in (and, for the record, a troubled man in a relationship he shouldn’t be in). Because it glosses over serious issues and potentially powerful character writing in favor of romance. Because it frames her problematic and borderline abusive behavior in that relationship as find because she’s a cute girl, perpetuating the idea that women can’t be the abuser in a relationship. Because I’m sick of writers putting female characters straight into a relationship as if that will make up for not writing actual development for her.

Yeah, my dislike of Malia does have to do with misogyny. I’m sick and tired of the misogynist way so many female characters are written, and Malia is just another example of that.  

I’m tired of poorly written female characters. I want female characters who are well written, who have great development, whose characterization is not dependent on a man. That is not, in any way, Malia. She’s just yet another example of the lazy, sexist way women are so often written on television.

Being a ‘bad ass’ does not make her a well written character. It does not make her a strong or well written female character. It makes her an underwritten symptom of sexist writing that also happens to be a bad ass.

In an interview shelly said the thing she likes most about stalia is that malia is the big spoon because it makes her look stronger. UM???? what



Shelley really should work on either not speaking, or at least think about what she’s staying.

Female empowerment is not a girl forcing her boyfriend to do something he’s uncomfortable with. That’s just gross.


The Teen Wolf Blackout has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not Sterek will go canon. It has to do with how horrible this fandom has been treated by MTV, the writers, and the PR team.

They fail to realize that we, the fans, are who put them on the pedestal of popularity. Teen Wolf got…


For the fans who’s time, effort, and passion for the show was ridiculed by Jeff Davis and the cast by reading their fanfics, mocking their hard work and love for the characters they portray, it’s time we say enough.

For the fan who asked the cast the innocent question…

Hey Cole! So I don't know if your watching interviews from sdcc. But, on the tv line interview the first question they ask is about the sex scene in Eichen House. They ask how she could have known about sex( Malia). It's hilarious watching Shelley and Jeff try to answer that. Shelley basically said that yes, they did have sex(Jeff confirmed it) and that she was just going by instinct. I wish other interviewers had the balls to call them out on shitty writing.



Yes….because instinct makes you decided to sleep around with a boy you just met in a mental hospital. Ugh, Jeff is so fucking gross. Shelley is gross for supporting it. Thank god Dylan is the fucking sane.  

Man that TVline interview with the cast was pathetic. The moron interviewer’s first question was basically “Did Stiles and Malia have sex in the mental hospital”. Unfortunately the answer went along the lines of “Yes they did, it was instinctual on Malias part to have sex at that moment”. This show is completely fucked up. She’s only been human for a few weeks and Stiles was drugged and in the middle of a possession. Plus no safe sex. Those Pregnancy rumours better not mean what I think it mean.



The TVline interview was pathetic because it was hosted by Andy Swift who constantly tries to stir up shit in the fandom. First off, he’s a Malia stan. (lol…duh). Second, he was the dude who did that interview where Posey went on a bitter rampage over Sterek. Third, he did that interview about the Stiles/Caitlin meaning nothing. He changes words, asks confusing questions to trick guests. He’s a piece of shit. 

Now, Jeff Davis is gross. Shelley is gross if she supports what happened between Malia and Stiles in the mental hospital. It is fucking disgusting to show unprotected sex between two fucking strangers in a TV show with an audience like Teen Wolf’s. They should be ashamed of themselves for promoting that. And the people who support it (fans, actors, interviewers, etc.), are equally as gross. 


"We have amazing new cast members so even just to bring another person into the mix- we have two with us today (Shelley Hennig and Dylan Sprayberry)- it completely changes the energy of a comic con" *

I am laughing so fucking hard. I feel so bad for the original cast members, because they don’t deserve this. But this is what Jeff and MTV has done. They’ve ruined this, but Holland is having none of this shit. She is fucking slamming them left and right. God bless her. 

summary of every x-men movie ever




Teen Wolf cast at Comic Con through the years

reblog for Hoechlin looking 3999 years older and like a dad and just hot as fuck


im betting on yes, yes you will..


im betting on yes, yes you will..


can we talk about demon dean’s voice and how fucking hot it is because he’s a demon now and there’s no weight on his shoulders and you can’t hear the gravel from forty years in hell and a decade of suffering on earth so the only thing you can hear behind his words is freedom


I work at a theater and we just got these I cannot believe this